Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Stupidest Man Alive - Ralph Cinque

Why is he the stupidest man alive? Go to the Education forum and slog through the nearly endless bullshit of this idiot's attempt to prove that it's really Oswald and not Billy Lovelady in the Ike Altgens photograph.  This nonsense included the false allegation that the WFAA-TV Charles Buck film which showed Lee Harvey Oswald being brought into the Homicide and Robbery bureau right past the seated Lovelady was faked, and the John Martin film, which showed Lovelady outside the TSBD was also faked, and on and on and on.

The thread is now, mercifully, locked, after 115 pages! The photo interpretive skills of this buffoon are non-existent. He still has no understanding of what the word "edit." means.

He uses degraded images of assassination photographs to make unsubstantiated allegations. He uses images that are further degraded by being several generations removed from the original, or enlarged into sizes far larger than the original format of the film.  He will use images published in newspapers, even when they are obviously airbrushed.  He is completely ignorant or unwilling to acknowledge that the actual, original photographic medium is what should ALWAYS be used for photographic analysis, especially in a murder of the President of the United States and not just any ol' crap he can find on

He is completely ignorant or unwilling to acknowledge that the image loses quality and informational value the further removed from the original photographic medium you go.

He is completely ignorant or unwilling to acknowledge that there are many different computers, computer scanners, scanner software, monitors, and photographic enhancing software programs that will affect the quality of an image.

He will not due the proper homework and detail a photograph's history. He will not answer the questions, who took the image, with what equipment, what kind of camera, what kind of lens, what kind of film, who manufactured the film, where was it processed, who had possession of it, was it converted from 8mm to 16mm to 35mm film, if so who did that and where, and are we looking at the whole photograph?

He does not make any attempt to learn or explain how taking images has evolved with technology.  We are not in a room looking at a film going through a projector onto a screen.  The era of home movies on actual film gave way to video recording onto VHS, and that gave way to DVDs, and there are many ways of taking photos now with computer tablets and portable telephones.  We're looking at these home movies on TV screens and computer monitors.  And we're looking at these films after they have been extensively used and run through projectors, often getting damaged or collecting dirt in that process. They are then converted into video and then that tape may be digitized onto DVD.  

Rarely, will the original films be scanned and cleaned up, though this was done recently for a program called "JFK: The Lost Bullet."

It is simply unacceptable to pull images off the internet without laying any foundation or giving any information of exactly what you have and where it came from and proceed to make one stupid allegation after another which only demonstrates he has no clue.  

In short, he is a lazy, stupid bastard.  

But, he'll tell you there are multiple Billy Loveladys, and one of them is a midget. If you let him.

So, stay away from him.  He needs to be banned from all JFK forums, and anywhere where any JFK assassination research can be presented to the public. 

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