Sunday, November 27, 2011

New inductee - Ross Douthat

Ross Douthat hates JFK, and he hates the people who like JFK.  That's a prerequisite for getting something published in the New York Times.  Here's his latest - The Enduring Cult of Kennedy.

It's clear he knows nothing of JFK

It's also an attack on Steven King's book.   And it's clear he didn't read Steven King's new book either.

This little shit was on Real Time with Bill Maher back on June 17, 2011.  He was representing, surprise, the Right side of the panel.  Douthat is the co-author (he couldn't even write it himself) of a book "The Grand New Party."

Also on the panel was Chris Matthews.  Matthews consistently ate Douthat's lunch throughout the entire show.

In a segment on Rep. Anthony Weiner's resignation and wondering why he had another press conference Douthat commented that Democrats didn't really want to rally around Weiner because he was always on TV and not involved in the actual business of legislation. Douthat pointed out that, "He [Weiner] was on the last time I was. So, I'm not really in a position to-

And the brilliant Kevin Nealon's quiped "That's where I know you from. Okay.  It was killing me.  I kept thinking, who is this guy?"

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