Monday, October 31, 2011

New Inductee - Ron Capshaw

Writing for Andrew Breitbart is your first clue he's a full of shit liar that doesn't know anything about anything.

Ron Capshaw

Capshaw, like Alex von Tunzelmann, feels the need to review Oliver Stone's move JFK 20 years after its release.

Capshaw claims "Oswald was shown in documents released after the film by the Dallas Police that his fingerprints were on the trigger of his Manlicher Carcano."

Huh? Fingerprints? More than one fingerprint? On the trigger? I don't think so.  It's implied though not stated that the Dallas Police waited until after JFK, the movie, to show this important document.  Would that Capshaw could show the document.  I'd like to see it.

And he misspelled Mannlicher, it's Mannlicher Carcano.  Idiot.

And then there's this line, "Recreated shooting by world class snipers has shown that the head-shots did in fact come from the Sixth Floor Depository."

Well, there's several things wrong with that sentence.  What the hell is "recreated shooting?" Who are these "world class snipers?" Head-shots? Is this fool saying there was more than one head shot?

And again he gets a proper name wrong. The proper name of the building was the Texas School Book Depository, not the Sixth Floor Depository.  If you can't get the name of the building right, wow, are you stupid.

Capshaw believes a lot of Posner and Dale Meyers nonsense that computer animation analysis negates a grassy knoll sniper.  That's BS for several reasons.  First, it assumes only one grassy knoll sniper, two, the classic lie about the "Badgeman" sniper is to lie about his height based on lies about Mary Moorman's photo.

Capshaw thinks the American University speech is invalidated by the Ich Bin Ein Berliner speech.

And he believes the lie from Lamar Waldron that JFK was planning to invade Cuba in Dec of '63.  Everyone in the research community has debunked this total misunderstanding of this so called AM/WORLD story that Lamar peddles.  AM/WORLD is not what Lamar says it is.  JFK did not invade Cuba before, during or after the Bay of Pigs when there was a lot of pressure put upon him to do.  Nor did he do so before, during or after the Cuban Missile Crisis when thee was a hell of a lot more pressure put upon JFK to do.  Yet, JFK was going to do so in December, 1963 when there was no pressure to do so.  And McNamara didn't know anything about it?

Capshaw also believes Oswald tried to shoot Gen. Edwin Walker, which is another huge lie.  The Walker shooting was used after the fact to prove Oswald was capable of violence.  But, the police reports at the time of the shooting never thought Oswald was a suspect.  And steel jacketed slugs became copper jacketed ones after the fact.  Evidence was twisted around to force the conclusion that Oswald shot at Walker.  It's a lie.

But lies are what Breitbart peddles.  

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New Inductees, for an old article still available online

We have three inductees with this article.  Kennedy, Vietnam, and Oliver Stone's Big Lie - John F Kennedy.  

1.) Bruce Loebs
2.) USA Today
3.) The Society for the Advancement of Education

It's the old classic, lying while accusing someone else of lying.  Is there a Hitler reference too? But, of course!  According to Loeb, Kennedy did not plan to remove U.S. troops from Vietnam.

Here Loeb is at his stupidest, okay, he's going to denounce the plan that he thinks Schlesinger made up whilest failing to grasp what an assassination actually is, ready?

"Schlesinger wants us to believe that Kennedy decided in 1962 or early 1963 to withdraw all U.S. forces, but continued to maintain troops in South Vietnam because he feared losing the 1964 election. The unavoidable conclusion from this tale is grotesque. If Schlesinger is right, the President willfully sacrificed American lives for political profit. During the Kennedy Administration, 108 Americans died and 486 were wounded in Vietnam, and these figures increased from the time of his assassination in November, 1963, until November, 1964, after the presidential election when Schlesinger maintains Kennedy would have begun to withdraw U.S. troops."

Did you catch this one?  According to Loeb, AFTER JFK is ASSASSINATED he's still supposed to be President of the United States and still in charge of U.S. foreign policy, especially in regards to Vietnam.

Loeb, like a schmuck, doesn't comprehend that the instant JFK died LBJ became president and LBJ was in charge of U.S. foreign policy, especially in regards to Vietnam.  

So, the reason why U.S. troops weren't coming out of Vietnam between November 1963 and November 1964 and more of them were going in is because Kennedy is dead, and his withdrawl plan died with him, you idiot! 

Loeb is one of many that believe LBJ was following JFK's plans.  No.  LBJ reversed JFK's plans in Vietnam.  LBJ reversed it with 48 hours of JFK's death. The reversal is in NSAM 273.  

Loeb makes no mention of the huge black hole in the Pentagon Papers during the Fall of '63 when Kennedy and his advisors were meeting nearly everyday.

Loeb makes no mention of the Foreign Relation of the United States (FRUS) volumes released in the 1990's.

Loeb makes no reference to what was called The Thanksgiving Day Massacre where Kennedy fired people at the State Dept. and CIA who were not on board with his Vietnam policy.  Never again did anyone try to pressure Kennedy to send in combat troops into Vietnam.  

Loeb does what all extreme Right-wing losers do on this issue, they haul out Dean Rusk and Rusk's quote, "I had hundreds of talks with President Kennedy about Vietnam and on no single occasion did he ever express to me any ideas on that line." He adds that "Kennedy never said anything like that to me, and we discussed Vietnam--oh, I'd say hundreds of times. He never said it, never suggested it, never hinted at it, and I simply do not believe it."

If you will look at NSAM 263 you will find that the very first person it goes to,  before the Secretary of Defense, or any of the Joint Chiefs is... Dean Rusk.  So, Dean Rusk was lying.   

Loeb does not mention that JFK fired Walt Rostow, that Rostow was sent out to pasture for a year, and after Kennedy was assassinated LBJ brought him back in.