Sunday, March 20, 2011

That God Damn Right-Wing Bullshit Kennedy miniseries airs tonight in some locals on Reelz cable channel

It airs on April 3rd in my area, according to the Reelz website -

So, I'm asking for a rapid response team of dedicated JFK researchers to watch the show.  (You may need to have a bucket nearby to be sick in.)  And fact check this shit.

Don't merely post to JFK forums, good though they are, I want to get info out there.  Saturate the internet with solid, verifiable facts.  Provide citations if you can.

I know I'm asking a lot.  A lie can ravel around the world before the truth has gotten one sock on, but we have to try.

This is our history.  A lot of it is still hidden away and classified.  A lot of it is just lied about.  But, not all.  If you want your true history folks you've got to fight for it.  

According to the Reelz web site its World Premiere is April 3, 2011.  Well, we know that's wrong.  Didn't it already air in England and Canada?

Thank you,

Joe Backes

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rick Santorum is such a Schmuck!

He's just too stupid for words.  I shouldn't even be wasting my time.  This idiot is "appalled" that John F. Kennedy supported the constitutional idea of a separation of church and state.  And he spews this filth in Massachusetts.

Let's recall some other pearls of wisdom from Rick Santorum.

He defended priests accused of molesting children by blaming society, and he did this in Boston. 

"Priests, like all of us, are affected by culture. When the culture is sick, every element in it becomes infected. While it is no excuse for this scandal, it is no surprise that Boston, a seat of academic, political and cultural liberalism in America, lies at the center of the storm" 

So it's really society's fault, and especially Boston's.

But, for making fun of little Ricky I cannot top what Dan Savage did.  It's pure poetry.

So, I have to agree with Jason Michelitch.  Please, Mr. Santorum, Keep Running for President.  

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Part of the big lie was the repackaging, or reselling of LBJ to the public

This article is from February 2, 1964 and ran in the local Binghamton, NY paper.  It probably ran in many local papers across the country.  I like this line, "those he spanked still liked him."

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Today's New Idiot - G. William Domhoff

G. William Domhoff wants to criticize conspiracy theories and ideas that everything is run by a secret cabal. His main attack is the notion that something secret controls America. Yes, there are some wild, stupid, and totally false theories about, well, everything really.  Many conspiracy theories are obviously fake to mask another agenda like anti-Semitism, racial hatred, and extreme political causes. But, in doing so he goes too far, to him there are no conspiracies, none, not about anything, and there never have been.

Well, there are some people in prison who would love to hear more about that.  You see, there actually are conspiracies.  And there are laws against it.  People get arrested, charged, convicted and imprisoned for conspiracy.  But. not in Domhoff's world.  Umm, Domhoff, did you ever hear of the Rico statute? 

In 2005 he wrote an article - There Are No Conspiracies in which he writes, "For a smaller group of conspiratorial thinkers, a secret group of operatives located within the CIA was responsible for many terrible tragedies and assassinations since the 1960s, including the assassination of President John F. Kennedy."

Okay, here we go.  

He puts forth a lot of his own personal sociological beliefs, the theory of structuralism, which are not facts, and more sociological garbage that the historical record easily disproves.

He writes, "There are several problems with a conspiratorial view that don't fit with what we know about power structures. First, it assumes that a small handful of wealthy and highly educated people somehow develop an extreme psychological desire for power that leads them to do things that don't fit with the roles they seem to have."

Umm, ever hear of Charles Ponzi, from whom we get the phrase a Ponzi scheme? Bernie Madoff would LOVE to hear this theory that there are no such things as conspiracies.  Just put "charged with conspiracy" into a Google search, then hit news and you'll disprove this goofball and his theory.  

And he writes, "Second, the conspiratorial view assumes that the behind-the-scenes leaders are extremely clever and knowledgeable, whereas social science and historical research shows that leaders often make shortsighted or mistaken decisions due to the limits placed on their thinking by their social backgrounds and institutional roles. When these limits are exposed through stupid mistakes, such as the failure of the CIA at the Bay of Pigs during the Kennedy Administration, then conspiratorial theorists assert that the leaders failed on purpose to fool ordinary people."  

Oy. I could be here for years tearing this apart. He has no clue about the history of the Bay of Pigs. No clue. It was deliberately designed to fail unless JFK sent in the Marines to save the day. JFK told them beforehand there is no way he would do that, for if he did he feared the Soviets would retaliate by taking Berlin, and then it's World War III. So, he didn't send in the Marines and the mission failed.  Right-wing morons have and will to the end of time say that JFK was weak or a coward.  In their view if he sent in the Marines it would have worked.  They never, ever consider Berlin or the Cold War context in which the invasion happened. Nor does Dummkopf, er, Domhoff, address the historical reality of the decades long withheld CIA's own Inspector General's report and what it said about the Bay of Pigs plan.  Available here - INSPECTOR GENERAL'S SURVEY OF THE CUBAN OPERATION AND ASSOCIATED DOCUMENTS, VOL I  which states:

"The fundamental cause of the disaster was the Agency's failure to give the project, notwithstanding its importance and its immense potentiality for damage to the United States, the top flight handling which it required - - appropriate organization, staffing throughout by highly qualified personnel and full-time direction and control of the highest quality." - Volume I p. 34.  

JFK was concerned about, "its immense potentiality for damage to the United States." I want a president who sees the big picture, who thinks about consequences.  

And the people who dismiss the notion that conspiracies are behind presidential assassinations always delete from history the first one, the Lincoln assassination.  As Dummkopf, er, Domhoff, does here, "As for assassinations and assassination attempts in the United States, from McKinley to Franklin D. Roosevelt to John F. Kennedy to Martin Luther King, Jr., to Robert F. Kennedy to Reagan, they have been the acts of individuals with no connections to any power groups."

Why start with McKinley? Why ignore Lincoln? Because of this photo:

As you can clearly see long after John Wilkes Booth is officially shot dead by Boston Corbett we had a military trial and we hanged four people.  There are people who want you to think that Lincoln's assassination was done by one and only one man, John Wilkes Booth, because if you believe that you will believe that that is the pattern throughout American history, one gunman, no conspiracy.  And if you believe this lie, you'll believe it about the JFK assassination too.  

On December 16, 1963 in an Executive Session of the Warren Commission none other than Allen Dulles himself passed out a paperback book on the Lincoln assassination.  "It's a fascinating book, but you'll find a pattern running through here that I think we'll find in this present case."  McCloy responded, "The Lincoln assassination was a plot."  Dulles responded, "Yes, but one man was so dominant that is almost wasn't a plot."    

Doffman also writes, "Because all their underlying assumptions are discredited by historical events and media exposures, no conspiracy theory is credible on any issue."  

And then he confuses me with his nearly last paragraph:

"It is also true that the CIA has been involved in espionage, sabotage, and the illegal overthrow of foreign governments, and that the FBI spied on and attempted to disrupt Marxist third parties, the Civil Rights Movement, and the Ku Klux Klan. But careful studies show that all these actions were authorized by top government officials, which is the critical point here. There was no "secret team" or "shadow government" committing illegal acts or ordering government officials to deceive the public and disrupt social movements. Such a distinction is crucial in differentiating all sociological theories of power from a conspiratorial one."

He seems to be splitting hairs and undermining his entire essay.  He seems to be saying it isn't illegal, or it isn't a conspiracy if we know who's doing it, even if they do it in secrecy, and keep the documents about it secret for decades, and whether they go to jail or not.  Didn't Nixon try this defense? If the President does it then it's not illegal? That didn't work out for Nixon.

And this we know who did what, or we can suspect and name a person, or group, or institution does not mean that the discovered conspiracy was never a conspiracy.  Once a person is caught doesn't mean the crime the person is alleged to have done never occurred, schmuck!  

Friday, March 4, 2011

Today's New Idiot - Robert Morrow

Why?  Well, because of this post on John Simkin's forum:

Ted Kennedy was renting a WHOLE BROTHEL ... and the "Kennedy groupies" ...just ... can't ... handle ... the ... truth.

Umm, no, not quite.  Let's tell the whole truth here.  Judicial Watch, a Right-wing activist group sought the release of FBI files that they could use to slime Ted Kennedy.  Now, really what are the odds that there would be something derogatory about a Kennedy in an FBI file? The 6 pages Judicial Watch got can be viewed online here - Judicial Watch Obtains Previously Redacted Material from the FBI File of the Late Senator Ted Kennedy

It's page 3 that has got idiot Republicans feeling good about themselves.  Here it is:

At the bottom of the page there is what I believe is a new paragraph.  The first sentence and a half are redacted.  You see those big rectangular boxes with (b)(10, (b) (3) per CIA in them? There's information in there that the CIA doesn't want you to see.  You see what we have here is an opportunity to show stupid people how to read documents.  This is an FBI document that contains information from another agency, the CIA.  Getting such documents declassified is a big problem because two agencies are involved in its declassification.  They call this the third agency rule, there is equity, or information, from a third agency.  So, the FBI is not allowed to show this document to anyone outside the FBI without first getting permission from the CIA, that's why the CIA info is still redacted.   

So, what we have here is not proof that Ted Kennedy rented out a whole brothel.  What we have is an allegation, and only an allegation made by someone that the CIA wants to protect.  And the CIA also wants to protect how it learned of this allegation.  That's all that's in this document.  We don't know who said this.  Why seems fairly obvious.  It's speculation but JFK probably sent Ted down to do an end run around the State Dept. and get something done, perhaps exactly what the document states.  In July 1961 Ted Kennedy and Prof. Plank went to Latin America to meet young men with Left-wing political views.  

And State Dept people and others were resentful of this.  

The allegation is repeated on the 4th page of the 6th pages in the .pdf  However, that page 4 is a page 2 of a document.  You can see the -2- on the bottom, and the fact that it's finishing a sentence started elsewhere,  "...9-2-60." The first page of that document is not in the 6 page .pdf  

The 6th page also repeats the allegation.

In every instance where the allegation is made there is a large redaction hiding some information per a CIA request.  

In October of 1961 an FBI informant advises the Bureau that Ted Kennedy has decided to enter politics. Ted Kennedy, according to the informant retained a lawyer in Boston to aide him in getting the Portuguese of Boston, and Massachusetts to vote for him.  

So, the Bureau decided to get as much dirt as possible on Ted Kennedy.  Apparently the Bureau insisted that Ted Kennedy's friend, the lawyer in Boston who will help get the Portuguese vote out, had better register as a foreign agent.  Apparently, RFK had a talk with EMK about this.  And the lawyer in question did so.  

Also, as part of this "quick, get some dirt on Teddy" order from guess who at the Bureau did an investigation, or reinvestigation of Ted's trip throughout Latin America where this totally unsubstantiated brothel allegation came from.  

Despite the Bureau's efforts Ted Kennedy ran for his brother's senate seat in a special election in 1961, and won, taking office in 1962.  And Ted Kennedy won every re-election serving in the U.S. senate for almost 47 years until he died at age 77 from brain cancer.  

So, because this filth was in an FBI document repugnant Republicans and their mindless minions in the media there are now headlines sliming the late Ted Kennedy claiming he liked to spend time with Communists and prostitutes a year and a half after his death.  And they've got no proof to any part of this stupid allegation.  

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

So, who is this Batey guy? Answer - New Idiot

Who is Anton Batey?

Who is Anton Batey? - Part II

I have socks older than this kid.  And I love this from his MySpace page:

Who I'd like to meet:
Anyone I decide is worthy enough to meet me.