Friday, March 4, 2011

Today's New Idiot - Robert Morrow

Why?  Well, because of this post on John Simkin's forum:

Ted Kennedy was renting a WHOLE BROTHEL ... and the "Kennedy groupies" ...just ... can't ... handle ... the ... truth.

Umm, no, not quite.  Let's tell the whole truth here.  Judicial Watch, a Right-wing activist group sought the release of FBI files that they could use to slime Ted Kennedy.  Now, really what are the odds that there would be something derogatory about a Kennedy in an FBI file? The 6 pages Judicial Watch got can be viewed online here - Judicial Watch Obtains Previously Redacted Material from the FBI File of the Late Senator Ted Kennedy

It's page 3 that has got idiot Republicans feeling good about themselves.  Here it is:

At the bottom of the page there is what I believe is a new paragraph.  The first sentence and a half are redacted.  You see those big rectangular boxes with (b)(10, (b) (3) per CIA in them? There's information in there that the CIA doesn't want you to see.  You see what we have here is an opportunity to show stupid people how to read documents.  This is an FBI document that contains information from another agency, the CIA.  Getting such documents declassified is a big problem because two agencies are involved in its declassification.  They call this the third agency rule, there is equity, or information, from a third agency.  So, the FBI is not allowed to show this document to anyone outside the FBI without first getting permission from the CIA, that's why the CIA info is still redacted.   

So, what we have here is not proof that Ted Kennedy rented out a whole brothel.  What we have is an allegation, and only an allegation made by someone that the CIA wants to protect.  And the CIA also wants to protect how it learned of this allegation.  That's all that's in this document.  We don't know who said this.  Why seems fairly obvious.  It's speculation but JFK probably sent Ted down to do an end run around the State Dept. and get something done, perhaps exactly what the document states.  In July 1961 Ted Kennedy and Prof. Plank went to Latin America to meet young men with Left-wing political views.  

And State Dept people and others were resentful of this.  

The allegation is repeated on the 4th page of the 6th pages in the .pdf  However, that page 4 is a page 2 of a document.  You can see the -2- on the bottom, and the fact that it's finishing a sentence started elsewhere,  "...9-2-60." The first page of that document is not in the 6 page .pdf  

The 6th page also repeats the allegation.

In every instance where the allegation is made there is a large redaction hiding some information per a CIA request.  

In October of 1961 an FBI informant advises the Bureau that Ted Kennedy has decided to enter politics. Ted Kennedy, according to the informant retained a lawyer in Boston to aide him in getting the Portuguese of Boston, and Massachusetts to vote for him.  

So, the Bureau decided to get as much dirt as possible on Ted Kennedy.  Apparently the Bureau insisted that Ted Kennedy's friend, the lawyer in Boston who will help get the Portuguese vote out, had better register as a foreign agent.  Apparently, RFK had a talk with EMK about this.  And the lawyer in question did so.  

Also, as part of this "quick, get some dirt on Teddy" order from guess who at the Bureau did an investigation, or reinvestigation of Ted's trip throughout Latin America where this totally unsubstantiated brothel allegation came from.  

Despite the Bureau's efforts Ted Kennedy ran for his brother's senate seat in a special election in 1961, and won, taking office in 1962.  And Ted Kennedy won every re-election serving in the U.S. senate for almost 47 years until he died at age 77 from brain cancer.  

So, because this filth was in an FBI document repugnant Republicans and their mindless minions in the media there are now headlines sliming the late Ted Kennedy claiming he liked to spend time with Communists and prostitutes a year and a half after his death.  And they've got no proof to any part of this stupid allegation.  


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