Monday, February 28, 2011 does Hoover's work for him and attacks Ted Kennedy

Highlighter in bold red font rawstory reports that Ted Kennedy tried to rent an entire brothel:

FBI file: Ted Kennedy arranged 'to rent a brothel’ in Chile

Except it's total bullshit! FBI reports are notoriously full of false allegations, gossip, rumor mongering and total lies.  That's how Hoover, the anti-gay fascist gay boy stayed in power.  If he didn't have something on his enemies he'd make shit up.  

Please complain to The Raw Story and inform them that FBI reports are full of BS allegations, gossip and rumors on damn near everyone.  That is how Hoover, the anti-gay fascist gay boy stayed in power.  

Sunday, February 27, 2011

CBS News "Nov 22 & The Warren Report"

          CBS news was working to promote the Warren Report well before the release of the report. Cronkite said CBS news was working for months to interview the key witnesses that appeared before the commission.  Rather said for the last 5 months, so that mean starting in May of 1964.  
     KRLD was a CBS news affiliate in Dallas, and they did the interviews.  Eddie Barker was one of the interviewers.  
     So, CBS news knew who would be before the Warren Report and the nature of the questions asked, the nature of the issues examined, and the general investigatory course of the commission.
     CBS news did not report on the report in this program.  This is not journalism.  They're selling.  They're selling it.  They are selling the Warren Commission report as absolute truth.