Sunday, October 12, 2014

New inductee - Alex Beam

Alex Beam thinks he's funny.  He's not. He's just a dick. He dares to insult everyone in the JFK research community, all of them, everyone who did anything in the last 50 plus years with an IMAGINED internet conversation.  What a schmuck.

JFK assassination, Reddit Style.

 SPEAKING AT a recent conference on the Warren Commission report, author Jefferson Morley “said he believed the Internet would usher in a new era of Kennedy assassination research,” the Globe reported last month.

“Research”? Really?
Here is an imagined chat-room colloquy among JFK assassination buffs. I’ve flagged actual conspiracy theories culled from the Internet with a double asterisk (**).
JFKTruther109: You saw that eliminated the Three Tramps sub-thread?
GrassyNoel1963: You mean the so-called “hobos” that the police arrested the day Kennedy was shot? Everyone knew they were CIA agents.** Vagrants my eye!
JFKTruther109: You know one of them was the Watergate burglar E. Howard Hunt,** right?
GrassyNoel1963: Nah, that guy turned out to be Woody Harrelson’s father.**
SixteenYearOldVirgin: Woody Harrelson the actor?
JFKTruther109: No, Woody Harrelson the rare book collector. Skiddoo, newbie.
ImActuallyWoodyHarrelson: My Dad had his issues, but he didn’t kill President Kennedy!
GrassyNoel1963: Your Mom’s maiden name was Oswald.
ImActuallyWoodyHarrelson: What of it?
GrassyNoel1963: Just saying . . .
DaFunkyDebunker: I don’t think that’s the real Woody Harrelson.
GrassyNoel1963: He’s gone now.
DaFunkyDebunker: I think his Dad knew the Monkey Virus Lady** . . .
JFKTruther109: You mean Dr. Mary Sherman, the woman who was cooking up exotic cancers for the the CIA?**
DaFunkyDebunker: Right. Who was mysteriously-conveniently murdered in 1964.
GrassyNoel1963: But they wanted to use the SV-40 virus to assassinate Castro, not JFK.**
DaFunkyDebunker: Just saying . . .
GrassyNoel1963: ‘60 Minutes’ was going to do a show on her.**
JFKTruther109: They killed it.
DaFunkyDebunker: Who ‘they’?
JFKTruther109: The Rockefellers, duh. Because of Executive Order 11110. Kennedy’s plan to eliminate silver certificates and put the central banks out of business.** He had to go.
JFKTruther109: Were they the ones who hired the fake Secret Service agents who showed up on Dealey Plaza**? Or was that CIA director Allen Dulles?
DaFunkyDebunker: Dulles had his own army of ex-Nazis.** No one knows if he deployed them to Dallas or not.
GrassyNoel1963: What about Loy Factor, the brain-damaged Chickasaw Indian who was on the sixth floor of the Book Depository with Oswald?** Was he a Nazi?
JFKTruther109: He was just a pawn in the game . . . but he’s the guy who made off with the missing Carcano rifle clip. Took it home with him the afternoon of the assassination.** He and the other killer, Mac Wallace, were working for Billie Sol Estes.** Who was working for his boss Lyndon Johnson, of course.**
DaFunkyDebunker: Who was a Freemason.** Just saying . . .
GrassyNoel1963: Was it Estes who hired the Umbrella Man?
JFKTruther109: Nah, he just showed up on his own accord, with the shooting dart-flechette weapon built into his “umbrella.”** On a perfectly sunny day. Just saying . . .
DaFunkyDebunker: He talked his way out of it. They always do.
Area51Experiencer: You know about the Nov. 12 memo, right?
JFKTruther109: Where Kennedy asks the CIA about UFOs?** Everyone knows about that. “[Kennedy] has made some inquiries regarding our activities, which we cannot allow.”** It must be true — the Daily Mail reported it.
Area51Experiencer: You can believe what you read in a newspaper.
GrassyNoel1963: Except that it’s a British newspaper.
DaFunkyDebunker: A newspaper called The Independent mentioned the theory that “Joe DiMaggio was behind the killing.”**
GrassyNoel1963: That’s a British newspaper, too. Just saying . . .
JFKTruther109: Newspapers are so unreliable, they never print the truth.
GrassyNoel1963: Unlike the internets.
JFKTruther109: Amen to that, brother. The truth is out there.

Alex Beam’s column appears regularly in the Globe. He can be reached at

Sunday, October 20, 2013

New Inductee - Larry Sabato

It took researcher Larry Sabato about five years to build his case against a 34-year-old conclusion that President John Kennedy died as part of some unspecified conspiracy.

“Any author that tells you, in this anniversary season, that this is a closed case, is willfully ignoring many established facts,” Sabato said at a news conference this week in Washington, D.C.
With the 50th anniversary of Kennedy’s assassination approaching next month, the University of Virginia professor says he has uncovered evidence that casts doubt on a key piece of evidence that led the 1979 House Select Committee to conclude that the former president was the victim of a conspiracy.
Sabato’s new 624-page book, “The Kennedy Half-Century: The Presidency, Assassination, and Lasting Legacy of John F. Kennedy,” details the findings of a new analysis of the Dallas Police Department’s scanner traffic audio, or Dictabelt, from that fateful November day in 1963.
His conclusion: Contrary to the 1979 report, sounds previously believed to be gunshots, which led the committee to conclude that assassin Lee Harvey Oswald acted in tandem with a co-conspirator, are actually mechanical sounds from a motorcycle policeman, who was located miles away from the assassination scene.
Sabato also took aim at the findings of the Warren Commission, which looked into the assassination and released its report in 1964. The professor accused its investigators of creating a credibility gap and a half-century of unanswered questions.
Robert Dallek, a historian and author of “An Unfinished Life: John F. Kennedy, 1917-1963″ who supported the Warren Commission’s lone-gunman finding in his 2003 biography, said he hadn’t read Sabato’s book.
“But I still support the conclusion that Oswald was the lone gunman,” Dallek said in a statement to ABC News.
Sabato sought to discredit the Central Intelligence Agency’s involvement with the commission, saying that the CIA coached witnesses and hid others. Sabato reiterated that the commission “failed to interview other key witnesses that 45 years later, I interviewed.”
Sabato also took the House Select Committee to task, asserting that their findings were “demonstrably wrong.”
“By no means were the sins of the HSCA [House Select Committee on Assassinations] equivalent to the Warren Commission, however, the HSCA, like the Warren Commission did not succeed,” he said. “Our analysis shows that no gunshots were recorded on the dictabelt.”
The sounds that were recorded, that were previously mistaken for gunfire, Sabato and his team believe, were from a motorcycle policeman and a stuck microphone. Additionally, the policeman on the recording was not on the scene in Dealey Plaza during the assassination. He was stationed 2 miles away, in a location that would be unable to pick up gunfire from the tragic shooting.
Speaking about his work, Sabato said, “the best contribution we could make is to clarify, as much as we could.”
Any clarification about the assassination of the youngest elected president is welcome by some because many conspiracy theories have developed in the 50 years since Kennedy’s death. Some examples of popular theories are: JFK’s death was the result of an organized-crime hit; the CIA killed JFK because of his stance on Cuban foreign policy; the Russian KGB was involved in planning the president’s assassination; and JFK was killed because of his interest in aliens.
In addition to the book, professor Sabato and his team have also created a website, a free four-week online course, a smartphone app and a PBS documentary, which will be released nationwide in November, covering the beloved former president.
Along with the analysis of Kennedy’s assassination, Sabato devotes a large portion of his book to the lasting legacy of the 35th president, specifically focusing on how presidents after Kennedy have used his words and image to shape their own political goals.
President Lyndon B. Johnson’s war on poverty was borrowed extensively from Kennedy’s agenda, according to Sabato. President Ronald Reagan used Kennedy to justify his tax cuts and Cold War policy, which Sabato pointed out. And President George W. Bush followed in Reagan’s footsteps, at times using Kennedy’s words to support his tax cuts and fiscal policy.

Monday, January 21, 2013

The Oswald Innocence Campaign - Spreading Lies Because They Have No Brains Inside!

Craig Roberts
David Wrone
Dennis Cimino

Donald Miller

James Fetzer

Larry Rivera

Orlando Martin

Peter Mellor

Peter Janey

Philip F Nelson

Richard Hooke

Roy Schaeffer

THE IDIOT - Ralph Cinque

Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Stupidest Man Alive - Ralph Cinque

Why is he the stupidest man alive? Go to the Education forum and slog through the nearly endless bullshit of this idiot's attempt to prove that it's really Oswald and not Billy Lovelady in the Ike Altgens photograph.  This nonsense included the false allegation that the WFAA-TV Charles Buck film which showed Lee Harvey Oswald being brought into the Homicide and Robbery bureau right past the seated Lovelady was faked, and the John Martin film, which showed Lovelady outside the TSBD was also faked, and on and on and on.

The thread is now, mercifully, locked, after 115 pages! The photo interpretive skills of this buffoon are non-existent. He still has no understanding of what the word "edit." means.

He uses degraded images of assassination photographs to make unsubstantiated allegations. He uses images that are further degraded by being several generations removed from the original, or enlarged into sizes far larger than the original format of the film.  He will use images published in newspapers, even when they are obviously airbrushed.  He is completely ignorant or unwilling to acknowledge that the actual, original photographic medium is what should ALWAYS be used for photographic analysis, especially in a murder of the President of the United States and not just any ol' crap he can find on

He is completely ignorant or unwilling to acknowledge that the image loses quality and informational value the further removed from the original photographic medium you go.

He is completely ignorant or unwilling to acknowledge that there are many different computers, computer scanners, scanner software, monitors, and photographic enhancing software programs that will affect the quality of an image.

He will not due the proper homework and detail a photograph's history. He will not answer the questions, who took the image, with what equipment, what kind of camera, what kind of lens, what kind of film, who manufactured the film, where was it processed, who had possession of it, was it converted from 8mm to 16mm to 35mm film, if so who did that and where, and are we looking at the whole photograph?

He does not make any attempt to learn or explain how taking images has evolved with technology.  We are not in a room looking at a film going through a projector onto a screen.  The era of home movies on actual film gave way to video recording onto VHS, and that gave way to DVDs, and there are many ways of taking photos now with computer tablets and portable telephones.  We're looking at these home movies on TV screens and computer monitors.  And we're looking at these films after they have been extensively used and run through projectors, often getting damaged or collecting dirt in that process. They are then converted into video and then that tape may be digitized onto DVD.  

Rarely, will the original films be scanned and cleaned up, though this was done recently for a program called "JFK: The Lost Bullet."

It is simply unacceptable to pull images off the internet without laying any foundation or giving any information of exactly what you have and where it came from and proceed to make one stupid allegation after another which only demonstrates he has no clue.  

In short, he is a lazy, stupid bastard.  

But, he'll tell you there are multiple Billy Loveladys, and one of them is a midget. If you let him.

So, stay away from him.  He needs to be banned from all JFK forums, and anywhere where any JFK assassination research can be presented to the public. 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

New inductee - Ross Douthat

Ross Douthat hates JFK, and he hates the people who like JFK.  That's a prerequisite for getting something published in the New York Times.  Here's his latest - The Enduring Cult of Kennedy.

It's clear he knows nothing of JFK

It's also an attack on Steven King's book.   And it's clear he didn't read Steven King's new book either.

This little shit was on Real Time with Bill Maher back on June 17, 2011.  He was representing, surprise, the Right side of the panel.  Douthat is the co-author (he couldn't even write it himself) of a book "The Grand New Party."

Also on the panel was Chris Matthews.  Matthews consistently ate Douthat's lunch throughout the entire show.

In a segment on Rep. Anthony Weiner's resignation and wondering why he had another press conference Douthat commented that Democrats didn't really want to rally around Weiner because he was always on TV and not involved in the actual business of legislation. Douthat pointed out that, "He [Weiner] was on the last time I was. So, I'm not really in a position to-

And the brilliant Kevin Nealon's quiped "That's where I know you from. Okay.  It was killing me.  I kept thinking, who is this guy?"

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Max Holland Asks, "Have You Been Zaprudered?"

Ruprect "The Monkey Man" Murdoch, still not under arrest or indictment for illegal phone hacking, just adores little ol Max Holland.  Murdoch is the only thing giving any space and credence to Holland.

The end of JFK conspiracy theories? Digital technology proves Oswald DID act alone...and reveals grainy image of him standng at window.

Yeah, right.

London's "The Daily Mail:

It was over in a few seconds but the assassination of John F Kennedy has generated decades of painstaking, and for some unsatisfying, analysis.

Yet as the 48th anniversary of that tragic event in Dallas nears, a team of historians and retired Secret Service officers has used new technology to categorically confirm in their minds the judgement that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone.

Historian and journalist Max Holland, who has investigated the 'Where were you?' moment for years, led a team which digitally enhanced a number of home videos taken on November 22, 1963.

His team studied Abraham Zapruder's famous footage as well as many other lesser-known films, and brought them all together for the first time to establish a narrative more clear than ever before.

The group will present their findings in documentary 'JFK: The Lost Bullet'  on the NatGeo channel this Sunday at 9pm ET.

'I'd say a main thrust of it is to break the stranglehold that the Zapruder film has on our perception of what happened,' Mr Holland told Fox News.

'In a sense, we've all been 'Zaprudered'. The film was so graphic, disturbing, mesmerising, that it became more of our perspective on the assassination than even the perspective of the assassin, which should never have happened.'

The team also discovered, in the amateur footage taken that day by Robert Hughes, a shadowy figure moving on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository building - a person believed to be Oswald.

Shadowy figure: The team also found footage which showed a person they think is Oswald moving on the sixth floor of Texas School Book Depository building.  

Oswald was an employee at the Texas Schoolbook Depository, which overlooked the motorcade.

Contemporary investigators found that in March 1963, Oswald, using the alias 'A. Hidell', purchased a 6.5mm Carcano Model 91/38 rifle by mail order. It is widely agreed this was the gun which killed JFK.

Mr Holland told Fox News: 'Our conclusion is that he fired three shots in about 11 seconds, which is almost double the 'Six Seconds in Dallas' meme that most people know when they think about the assassination: six seconds, three shots in six seconds.

'We say three shots in 11 seconds, which is a much easier - for I'd say, someone of Oswald's skill - effortless task.' 

President Kennedy was assassinated as he travelled in an open-top car in a motorcade through Dallas. Texas Governor John Connally was also injured.

Within two hours, Oswald was arrested for the murder of a policeman, then early the next morning he was charged with assassinating the President.

On the morning of November 24, nightclub owner Jack Ruby shot and killed Oswald as he was being transferred to the county jail.

There have been numerous conspiracy theories around JFK's death, with everyone from the American Mafia and the KGB to FBI director J. Edgar Hoover and sitting Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson accused of involvement.

Each and every year hundreds of sceptics flock to the site to discuss the latest developments and pay their respects.

When asked by Fox News if there are any 'holy grails' of JFK assassination research still not investigated, Mr Holland cited Oswald's tax returns, which have never been released. 

It's a team, god damn it, he's leading a team! Did you notice the names of the other members of the team? Me neither. 

Almost boasting of the intellectual property theft that is the hallmark of anti- JFK conspiracy works please notice the line "This digitally remastered version was ripped from the documentary Image of an Assassination: A New Look at the Zapruder Film produced by H.D. Motyl MPI teleproductions 1998."  In other words, they didn't digitally remaster a god damn thing!  They ripped it from a 1998 DVD!  They stole it!  When you illegally rip something from a DVD are you given a cable TV show as a reward for doing so? NO? They did for Max.