Sunday, April 24, 2011

Will you look at the bullshit that gets published in Oklahoma?

It's written by a right-wing coward who won't tell you his or her name.  If you're gong to take this big of a swipe and Bobby Kennedy, jr., then tell us who you are.

JFK’s nephew has elitist, skewed vision

He’s been called the “Kook of Camelot.” He thinks 9/11 resulted from the relaxation of fuel economy standards under Ronald Reagan. He’s hobnobbed with South American dictator Hugo Chavez, and he thinks President Kennedy’s assassination was due to a right-wing climate of hate in Dallas in 1963.

Despite this, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is taken seriously enough that he shared the stage Thursday with T. Boone Pickens. The venue was a sustainable energy conference in Tulsa.

Kennedy and Pickens found common ground during the forum, but they couldn’t be further apart on many issues. Pickens, an Oklahoma native, and longtime fossil fuel extractor, is pushing a plan to reduce dependence on foreign energy in part by increasing the use of natural gas to operate motor vehicles.

Kennedy’s hard left views have blinded him to reality, including the fact that 9/11 happened because of anti-American hatred, not fuel economy standards. His uncle was assassinated in Dallas by a communist sympathizer, not a neo-Nazi. And Chavez is a dangerous nutjob.

This man was considered for the post of Environmental Protection Agency administrator. How would that have worked out for Pickens and natural gas producers who use hydraulic fracturing to release energy from shale?

Kennedy loathes conservative talk radio and TV and would abolish them if he could. His vision of America is diametrically opposite that of most Americans.

He got a polite welcome in Tulsa, the former Oil Capital of the United States, but his elitist vision is unwelcome nationwide.

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